Garden Designing - Things You Should Consider

Garden designing is based on certain fundamental principles and these should be considered before planning your layout and work program. Since most modern gardens have an area of 150, to 350m squared, with a house and a garage, they generally have to satisfy several requirements. When preparing the plan, write these down. As the scheme develops, fill in against each item alternative ways of dealing with it, then decided on the best approach for your garden design.

Garden Designing
The appearance of the garden must please the eye. Don't go rushing off to buy plants or ordering trees, stop and take a good look at your garden from all the angels. Try to blend all its features in to an, harmonious whole. This is not easy to achieve, and will most likely take a few seasons, before you get it right.

Hedges, paths or, walls, if laid in straight lines that criss-cross each other and break up the garden will make it look a lot smaller than it actually is. A curved line will look more graceful and will lead the eye slowly to the main focal point of the garden. This gives the illusion of increased size.
Path edges should either be well defined, and kept clear of weeds or boarded with cover plants like candytuft, this will hide the meetings of the paving stones to the lawn or flower bed.

When you are planing on using walls or small sheds, go for materials that are in keeping with the rest of your garden designing. For example if your house was, built out of stone use stone to build your shed or walls.

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